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Their white and pink canopy is a source of inspiration for myriad painters… Are you currently up for it?
This commanding polygonal tower stands out against the backdrop of the Huerta de Salud Park, which was designed in the overdue 19th century by law firm Pedro Tovar, who acquired the terrain from the Duke and Duchess of Frías.
It had been he who modified the recreational webpage into an agricultural-industrial complex.

This cemetery was built rapidly in 1884 as a burial place for those who had died that year from cholera. For some time it was thus popularly known as “Epidemic Cemetery”. The arcade leading into the graveyard and the chapel, built in 1925, are Modernist in style. Epicentre of the city’s cultural life, the Landscape of Light was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 2021. Click Tools on the Menu Bar located at the top of your browser.Click Internet Options.Select the Security tab.Click Custom Level.Scroll down the list until you locate the Scripting topic.

Discover the city’s hottest sights and attractions, in one of Europe’s largest royal palaces to the magnificent Prado Museum and True Madrid’s stadium.
Here is the home stadium of Authentic Madrid, among the city’s three football teams, that was named the best soccer team of the 20th century by FIFA.
It is a site of pilgrimage, as it were, for fans from around the world.
It first opened in 1947, and since that time it has undergone different expansions.

Aeropuerto-feria De Madrid

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  • It’s a site of pilgrimage, as it were, for supporters from worldwide.
  • Discover the luxury stores on the
  • Madrid’s excellent transport system allows you to get around the city quickly and securely by bus, metro, train or taxi.
  • Among them is a Montezuma Cypress that was planted where it appears in the year 1630.
  • She also got fountains, a small temple devoted to Bacchus, a hedge maze and even an apiary.

What sets these little houses apart from others is their unique Modernist style, particularly appreciable in the two towers that serve as an entrance to the colony, which were also once a tram stop and a call shop.

Moratalaz: Moratalaz Park

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Enjoy your free time in the area around the trade show center and the airport.
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Reproductions of the originals shine with exactly the same splendour thanks to the work of the neighbourhood’s people.
In its working day it connected Madrid to the street that resulted in and from Segovia, that was one of the main points of entry to the town.
It was built in 1574 under the reign of Philip II, and architects Gaspar de Vega –very first– and Juan de Herrera –later on– have been involved with its design.
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Madrid’s excellent transport system enables you to get around the city quickly and carefully by bus, metro, teach or taxi.
A melting pot of cultures and traditions, Lavapiés has never become stripped of its essence.

Its main church was built in the early 17th century by Juan de Herrera, although its tower was the work of another illustrious architect, Ventura Rodríguez, who designed it in 1775. Two of the temple’s most striking features are its fabulous façade, which depicts the Deliverance of St. Peter, and the geometric mouldings on the vault of its central nave. Also of particular note are its baptismal chapel, the Chapel of Christ of Health, the Chapel of The Nazarene and the Chapel of The Trinity. Get around the city easily, quickly and economically with our tourist travel card which gives unlimited use of all public transport.

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